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About The Trust
Keeping in view the meager resources confronting a major average segment of society Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Trust ® was established in Sep, 2007. The real objective of this trust is to fulfill the needs of every common man without which no nation can progress. It is our duty and moral obligation to build a good society by providing education, health and food at the same time produce a good human being. Keeping in view all these objectives, the foundation of a big complex was laid in Khanpur, Rahim Yaar Khan, on 2006 under which large scale efforts are being done in different disciplines of life and multiple projects are in pipe line.
About the Founder of Trust:
Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Qutab Ud Din Faridi belongs to a well known educational and spiritual family of Khanpur. The entire life of his honorable and mentor Hazrat Ghulam Nazuk Karim and Elder Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (R.A) was devoted in imparting spiritual education throughout Pakistan specially in the suburbs of Rahim Yaar Khan. After getting the “Khilafat” from his honorable father and mentor and (Murshid), Khawaja Sahib devoted all of his life to serve the humanity at large. To serve Islam he established centers of mysticism (Sufism) in different cities of Pakistan. He also attended  many Seminars, Conferences and Workshops in USA, UK Canada, India, Japan, Spain and Egypt. Hazrat Sahib Keeps on imparting and teaching the people with the real spirits of Islam and mysticism.
His collection of mystic poetry “BAITABI” has gained a special and significant popularity in well known literary circles at national and international level.
He was awarded “AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE” award on 24th of November, 1999 in an Inter Religious Conference held in USA.